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Activity Discussion Essay science Reply To: science

  • tanya

    May 19, 2021 at 1:49 pm
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    Hard work is a significant practice in the present life. The individual who works hard can make progress and satisfaction throughout. Hard work decides our worth in the everyday life. There is a well-known proverb that says “No pain, no gain” which is very well suited in this case. Without hard work, achieving anything is very difficult. People can get rid of any big problems by working hard and leaving the problems aside. Nothing in this life is easy to be achieved without doing any hard work. Therefore, it is rightly said that Hard work is the key to success.

    While in school, studying is quite a task for the children but for the student who studies hard, it gets easier for him to get admitted to a good college. Similarly, for a student who is in college, it gets easier for him in placements. When a person is working in an organization, working hard gets him promoted to a higher post. So, the only key to success is hard work. And if you are a hard worker, you can achieve heights in life. No work on the planet can be fruitful or achieved without hard work.

    The person who stays away from hard work is always dependant on others and always unhappy. The hard worker person is always victorious in the race of life, but the lazy one has to bear all the humiliation by getting stuck in one position only. Any person can change his destiny by doing hard work in life. Hard-working people are always confident, honest, motivated, and cheerful in life. They always have the habit of encouraging others as well.

    We get success with true dedication and constant hard work. A person who works hard can easily succeed in any field. To achieve success in life, determination and hard work are very important. There is no shortcut to success. Hard work is the only key to achieve it. It teaches us discipline, dedication, and determination.

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