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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the streams of study after 10th standard? Reply To: What are the streams of study after 10th standard?

  • Aruja

    May 19, 2021 at 4:13 pm
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    There are three streams after 10th. Science, commerce, arts there are choices under these three streams that you can make acording to your future planning. Like it depends what you want to pursue as a career. Subjects that you will choose in 11th standard is the beginning / basics to future job. So be careful while choosing them. Before choosing the subject you should do a research in what subject you are actually interested in. Then you can search that through your interest which is a suitable career for you. Like if you are good in maths you can become a engineer by choosing science side, if you are good in drawing you can go for arts. Can make a career in those fields.

    Science- Physics, bio, chemistry, math.

    In science stream you can find his four main subjects in which chemistry, physics are mandatory, and bio and maths are optional but you have to choose one among them. You can go for physics chemistry bio, or physics chemistry maths. The career that you can opt from this subject are engineer, doctor, scientist, etc.

    Commerce- Business studies, accounts, economics, psychology.

    In commerce stream business studies and accounts are mandatory and you can choose between economics and psychology. You can become a CA, banker, accountant a businessman, cashier, etc.

    Arts- Arts stream are subdivided into two. The one is arts which is for fine art and other one is for humanities which has subjects like history political science economics or psychology. When you go for arts side you can choose politics, become an artist in any field a lawyer, a psychologist, etc.

    Now comes the language. We have to main languages from which choosing one language is compulsory English or Hindi. If you want to learn a third language you can choose any of the language that is available at your campus or college. You can pursue your career by doing further studies in these languages as well. You can become a translator, join any embassy, a specialised language expert which are really good career options.

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