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Activity Discussion Environment Environment Reply To: Environment

  • Aruja

    May 19, 2021 at 5:02 pm
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    Anything on the earth that is necessary for the survival of human beings and satisfies human need is called a resource.

    Natural substances found on the earth that are used without much alteration are called natural resources. Water air soil minerals and natural vegetation are natural resources resources can be used directly for example water, air and fruits can be used directly, while minerals have to be separated from their own we get petrol, diesel and wax from crude petroleum after refining. So, we can say that most natural resources provide us with raw materials and we have to process them into useful products that are fit for human consumption.

    To categorise these natural resources there are criterias.

    Here we will be talking about classification based on origin. On the basis of origin natural resources are divided into two categories biotic and abiotic.

    Biotic resources- Biotic resources are derived from living organism and fruit plants such a cereal, crops fruits and vegetables. animal, microorganism, human being also belong to this category. Most of the biotic resources have the capacity to reproduce if the environmental conditions are favourable.

    Abiotic resources- Abiotic resources are found from physical or non living environment. They include air, water, land and minerals. Some of these resources can be exhausted by excessive use because they are available in limited quantity in nature. Their total deserve cannot be increased by human efforts. These resources are in great demand for the development of industries.

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