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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is meant by “the art of living”? Reply To: What is meant by “the art of living”?

  • Kumari

    May 19, 2021 at 6:19 pm
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    The ART OF LIVING is how a person chooses to live there life . The way a person lives does not depends upon the amount of money they have but depends upon there choice. Sometimes it can be seen that a person with average salary has a better life style as compared to the people with with more money. It all depends on their creativity and thinking. Small amount of money and positive approach towards life helps a person to be happy enough but a person with a lot of money but not self satisfied or who keeps questioning themselves can actually never live a happy life. Happiness does not means lavish meals,rich clothes, a good amout of bank balance to be happy all that is needed is positive approach, self satisfaction, an urge to do better and also improvement in there life. A normal man who is happy with his performance related to economy family responsibilities definitely knows the art of living. Everyone has different parameters to decide how they can live a happy life. For some it means a lot of money, for some it’s enjoying life to the fullest, for some its a family life, for some it is bachelors. All that matter is happiness and not money. Everyone should keep high thinking and money is something which comes and goes away and if it does it can be earned back but thinking is a constant thing throughout. Positive and good thinking helps a person to move forward in life and keep the thoughts of there families inside them.
    This pandemic taught us that no money, no shopping mall , restaurante, movie halls are constant and there is a life even without them. The thing that matter the most is the family and the loved ones. There are the constant components of our life.

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