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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Sublimation Reply To: Sublimation

  • Manpreet

    May 19, 2021 at 8:11 pm
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    There are three states of matter- solid, liquid and gas.

    Sublimation is the transition state where a solid directly gets converted into its gaseous phase without passing through the liquid phase.

    • it is an endothermic process
    • the solid substance that undergoes sublimation is known as sublimate
    • sublimation can also occur at room temperature, basically it occurs at a temperature below the substance’s triple point

    We can easily observe sublimation in our day to day life:

    • the pack of air purifier in the washroom is in solid state that releases fragrances through sublimation, i.e., it gets converted into gaseous state without passing through a liquid state.
    • the naphthalene balls, which is commonly used as a precautionary method against rodents, also sublimes in air. it is an organic compound. The ball gets smaller in size with each passing day. This is because – it shows sublimation, i.e., the balls are directly getting converted into gaseous state.

    Other examples of sublimation are- burning of camphor, dry carbon dioxide etc.

    I hope this helps.

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