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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is meant by freelancing? Reply To: What is meant by freelancing?

  • Aparajita

    May 19, 2021 at 9:13 pm
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    The term freelancing is quite ‘in-market’ these days. With time, more and more people are attracted towards its concept.

    What is freelancing?

    Freelancing in basic words, is making use of your skills and techniques to form alliance with clients who can be huge corporations or a simple investor, and work together to achieve gals with no commitment. They get done various assignments without being committed to any employer. It generally involves jobs (commonly known as gigs) that also allows you to work from home. Being freelancer, makes you self-employed.

    Pros and Cons of freelancing

    · Pros

    a) You can explore your clients. You get opportunity to explore your cliental.

    b) You become your own boss. You are longer under surveillance.

    c) Your working hours are under your mercy, you go to work according to your convenience.

    d) You have complete exposure.

    e) You become independent.

    · Cons

    a) Paying taxes while being self-employed (freelancer) can be over the board. It is quite expensive.

    b) Unlike regular employees, freelancers don’t get company benefits like funding their investments, provident funds, etc. There is low scope of additional income.

    c) Extensive responsibility is yet another panicking factor as only you as whole are responsible for your actions.

    d) The income is not consistent.

    e) You get isolated, as you are longer in contact and in terms with regular working companies.

    I hope this answer helps!


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