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  • Mahima

    May 20, 2021 at 12:33 am
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    Punctuation refers to the use of spacing, traditional marks, and some typographical devices to help in the interpretation and proper reading of written language, whether read silently or aloud.

    Punctuation is important for conveying and clarifying the sense of written language. Easy markers like a full stop or a comma, as well as more complicated ones like semicolons and hyphens, are included. Punctuation errors can completely alter the context of a sentence.

    A. COMMA: A comma indicates a minor break in the flow of a sentence. By combining and dividing words, phrases, and clauses, commas help to clarify the context of sentences. There are a variety of situations in which you can use a comma, including the following:

    a.Ram go and buy some clothes, new books, copies for Shyam.

    B. FULL STOP: It is placed at the end of the sentence to indicate that the sentence ends here and the new sentence will begin from here. One has to take a long gap while using a full stop.

    EXAMPLE: Sita is going to market.

    C. QUESTION MARK: It is placed at the end of the sentence while asking a question from someone.

    EXAMPLE: What is your name?

    D. EXCLAMATION MARK: The exclamation mark is more often used to finish sentences that have an exclamation, clear speech that represents something yelled or said very forcefully, or something that amuses the author. After a sentence, an exclamation mark can be used in brackets(!) to indicate that the writer thinks it amusing or ironic.

    EXAMPLE: Hello! How are you, Sita?

    E. SEMICOLON: The semicolon is most often used to indicate a sentence split that is greater than a comma but not as definitive as a full stop. It is used between two main clauses that support each other and are directly related or connected, allowing them to be written in one sentence rather than two.

    EXAMPLE: Ram like eggs; Sita does not.

    F. COLON: It is used when you are about to explain or give an example.

    Example: Ram is going to visit four countries: London, Spain, India, America

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