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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary How the usage of idioms helps in the writing of an article? Share some idioms with its meaning. Reply To: How the usage of idioms helps in the writing of an article? Share some idioms with its meaning.

  • Mahima

    May 20, 2021 at 12:34 am
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    Every language has its own set of idioms. They are statements or words that are not intended to be taken literally. If you say someone has “cold feet,” it doesn’t always mean their toes are chilly. Rather, it indicates that they are anxious about something.

    Idioms can’t be figured out just by looking at the words in a sentence. If you took it literally, you’d believe that someone with cold feet has cold feet. However, after spending time with a certain group of individuals, you will begin to notice their facial expressions. Idioms also differ depending on the interests and social categories of people.

    Some of the examples are:


    a. In Armenian, “stop ironing my board” means don’t disturb me.

    b.In French, “when chickens have teeth” means something will never happen.

    c.In French, “I have other cats to whip” means I have other tasks to do.

    d. In German, “to tie a bear to someone” means to deceive them.

    e. Also in German, “an elephant made out of a fly” means Making a big fuss out of nothing


    a.Break a leg” is a phrase that indicates “good luck.”

    b.When you tell a friend to “sing their heart out” before a performance, you’re urging a buddy to “sing their heart out”

    c.“Get the hook” means it signifies it’s time to remove him from the stage because he’s doing poorly.

    d. If you need to “get the hook,” chances are the actor “bombed,” which means he was bad.

    Usage of idioms:

    a. It makes you more creative:

    We all know that writing is a form of art. One can express many things by writing his/her feelings on a piece of paper. When you use idioms, you can see beyond the box. This way of expressing yourself will not only help you write better, but it will also help your reader understand what you’re doing. It makes your article more impactful.

    b. Saves you from grammatical errors:

    It can take a few minutes for you to come up with a sentence that corresponds to your idea. You can even be compelled to add an uncomfortable statement just to stay on track with your main point. You can get out of this condition by using idioms. It’s much easier to put together and it’s less organized. Apart from that, idioms can also be slang languages, which means they aren’t very grammar-sensitive as long as the meaning is conveyed.

    c. Makes you look smart:

    Even though we consider idioms to be a less formal way of writing, I believe we can all accept that only a few people understand what they say. You are knowledgeable about what you are talking about whether you can use idioms in your sentences.

    d. Makes you more persuasive:

    We have never met a convincing writer or speaker who uses a formal tone of voice. Using relatively low vocabulary would not persuade people. They will get bored and will most likely avoid reading.

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