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Activity Discussion Environment Classification of natural resources. Reply To: Classification of natural resources.


    May 20, 2021 at 1:34 am
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    Natural Resources

    Natural sources are elements that are derived from different parts of the environment. These are too important resources that cannot be lived without. This also gives us a better understanding of the elements that are present with us. It does give a calculative understanding of it as well. They play an intricate role in the earth.


    Natural resources are nothing but derivation from the environment. These are essential to ensure survival socially and economically. The raw material of every product comes from these natural resources of the earth.

    Firstly, the resources can be divided into two categories based on their source of origin.

    1. Biotic: The living and organic materials are composed of these groups. Everything that is obtained directly or indirectly from these, or are by-products of some organic reactions comes under this category.

    2. Abiotic: ANy resource that comes from non-living sources like air-water, oxygen comes under this category.

    Based on renewability than can also be classified:

    1. Renewable natural resources: These are resources that are available continuously or the ones that can be restored even after a specific period.

    2. Non-renewable natural resources: These are the ones that can be reformed after too much a long period. For a resource, if their rate of consumption exceeds the rate of recovery, then it is known to be a non-renewable resource.

    Based on their stages of development, they are further divided into five major categories:

    1. Potential resources: Potential resources are those resources whose existence is known and which haven’t been consumed or used yet.

    2. Actual resources: The actual resources are the one that is known in nature and is currently under use and consumption. This the real ones that are currently processed.

    3. Reserve resources: The part of the actual resources that have the possibility to develop in the future comes under the category of Reserve resources.

    4. Stock resources: These are a resource, whose existence is known, but they are unavailable to mankind due to lack of information and technology.

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