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Activity Discussion Environment Discuss in brief “distribution of natural vegetation”. Reply To: Discuss in brief “distribution of natural vegetation”.


    May 20, 2021 at 2:12 am
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    Biosphere: Biosphere is the layer that is holding and preserving the existence of the earth. This one is the one that is benefiting from all the layers ie the lithosphere, hydrosphere and, atmosphere.

    Ecosystem: The living part of the biosphere and its survival essentials is known as the ecosystem.

    Natural Vegetation: It is the provider of so many essential items. It provides us with raw materials to cook food, some edible food items, timber to built shelter, road, railway. It reserves the groundwater. It provides a habitat to live in.

    Wildlife: Living creatures, including animals, birds, insects, fishes, and other aquatic elements are all necessary elements to keep the ecosystem balanced.


    The prime factors are Temperature and moisture.

    These two factors fix the arrangement/distribution of certain plant growth for any particular region. They determine the trees that can grow and the animal that can lives.

    Humidity and precipitation play another important role too. Heavy rainfall indicates the higher growth of plants. Trees, under heavy rainfall conditions, grow thicker and longer.

    While the heavy rainfall region has longer trees, the low or moderately low regions have a shorter tree that has shunted growth.

    Types of Natural Vegetation in India

    Tropical Evergreen Rain Forest

    They have distinguishable characteristics that make them different from others. They have different shedding times of leaves from different types. Hence e, they remain heavy and green throughout the air. Condition: Excessive sunshine and rainfall.

    Deciduous or Monsoon Type of Forests.

    They have the same shedding time of leaves for all the trees present in that region. Hence, they remain heavy and green at one part of the year only.

    Condition: moderate sunshine and rainfall

    Mountain Forests

    They are distinguishable for their specific structure of plantation. They are found in the hilly areas.

    Condition: Hilly top, moderate rainfall.

    Tidal or Mangrove Forests.

    This vegetation covers all the parts that cover the coastal areas. They are good sources of timber in India

    Condition: Heavy water access due to coastal presence and receive a good amount of sunlight.

    Semi-Desert and Desert Vegetations

    At last, there is the desert vegetation which is mostly characterized by its dry nature. The cactus is the famous plant of desert vegetation.

    Condition: Poor rainfall

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