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Activity Discussion Essay How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society? Reply To: How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society?

  • Anushree

    May 20, 2021 at 12:13 pm
    Not Helpful

    Communication is the technique of interacting with people in a healthy manner and exchange thoughts and ideas. In present days communication skills is the most important one which is required at every step of life. Communication is the key to social and professional life. Communication can be both Verbal or Non-verbal mode but the most important criteria are that it should be healthy and understandable, at times due to various communication barriers people are not able to communicative effectively and this causes tension.

    Lack of effective communication leads to miss understandings which further creates ego and ruins public relationship which is not at all expected because it harms the social peace or harmony. In order to maintain good public relation, it is of immense importance that people should communicate more freely this will avoid unnecessary fuss and will not lead to miss understandings. Suppose one such incident occurs and even after that people do not communicate this will make things even worst and would finally result in collapsing everything in a very bad note.

    So, it is very important for us to communicate in a healthy manner and this will also eventually help in maintaining peace and harmony in the society.

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