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Activity Discussion Essay Mother’s Day Reply To: Mother’s Day

  • Ishita

    May 20, 2021 at 12:15 pm
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    Mother’s Day

    There’s nothing more precious than the love of the mother. Mother show us the light of the world. So for us she more than the God. She always be on our side in every good and bad times of our lives. So if we celebrate the love and the togetherness we can be nothing but grateful. Mother’s Day is celebrated in 12 May all around the world. According to the Greece folks the first celebration of Mother’s Day held as a tribute to Goddess Reha , the monther of the gods. Mother’s Day officially first celebrated by Anua Jarvia of Philippines. Today every country like Italy, turkey, Australia, U.S.A celebrated mother’s day. Our mother do anything for us that no one can ever think of doing , So there is no words express our gratitude towards our mother. So if you to celebrate Mother’s Day,just tell your mother what she meant to you and give her gifs ,if you can put smile to her face than it’s become very special for both of you.We can just be grateful and thankful to the God for giving us our mother. But there’s so many children who are orphan, they don’t have any parents. We can celebrate Mother’s Day by doing something good for them by giving them books, toys, chocolate. If we make them happy our mother will definitely be proud of us . So let’s celebrate the most unconditional and precious love our lives our mother. For me every day is Mother’s Day but it can be great to celebrate it.

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