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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the streams of study after 10th standard? Reply To: What are the streams of study after 10th standard?

  • Sakchi

    May 20, 2021 at 12:42 pm
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    Once you have completed your higher primary education than you have choice to choose your subjects for the higher senior secondary education. There are basically three streams after 10:-


    It includes both PCM and PCB . It is mandatory to study five papers in class 12th so the fourth paper is of language i.e English , hindi , Assamese or according to the religion.

    PCM stands for physics chemistry and Mathematics. That means you have choosen maths as your main paper because physics and chemistry is common to PCB also.

    Similarly, PCB stands for physics chemistry and biology.


    It is generally chooses by the students who wants to do management couses like BBA OR MBA in future or wants to be charted accountant in future.

    The paper under commerce are:-

    Business studies






    And subsidiary as physical education or fine arts or music anything.

    •Humanities or Arts

    Anyone wants to be a IAS OFFICER OR IPS OFFICER in future can Persue arts as their steam . Because arts covers all the parts required to clear competitive exams like UPSC , general competitions etc .

    There main subjects are



    Political science



    And as subsidiary may be physical education or fine arts or music anything.

    Note:- It is not mandatory that anyone selecting any stream will have to complete her higher studies in that stream only.

    You can change any stream at any time depending upon your choice.

    The main purpose of life is to reach to our aim only. We need to explore more options, our interest so that we can perform better in our life.

    Thank you!!

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