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Activity Discussion Essay why education is important in ones life? Reply To: why education is important in ones life?

  • Ishita

    May 20, 2021 at 12:48 pm
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    Importance of education

    Education is the most essential part of a person’s life. We can have to be educated to achieve something in our life.We can earn money, fame, success everything by education. It can make us a better thinker, education can make our development and made us a better person. It can also improve our personality and attitude. There are so many reasons which tells us why education is important in our lives, let’s discover it,

    Ability to write:- Frist of all education gives us the ability to write and read. We learn alphabet, sentence , numbers every thing to make us able to read and write. As a child we first learn the alphabet, then slowly we can able to read words and also day by day we lean history, geography, science everything by reading. So it’s the first step towards education.

    Build personality:- Education helps us to develop our personality as a individual. We lean about so many things on so many subjects than we stated to build interest in particular field. It’s helping us with our career choice. And better than all it will enlightened us in various ways.

    Employment:- There’s a main factor of education which is employment. We all want be successful and independent, we can’t do it without jobs. It gives us money success and opportunity. So the things is the more we become educated the more we can able to find better opportunity. It’s the most certain factor that we educate ourselves for employment.

    Spread awareness:- If we have proper information of every subjects than we can able to spread awareness. We know that illiteracy is the main factor of spreading unnecessary superstition. If we have knowledge than we never allow others to spread such thing it can also give the bad people to fool us.

    Development:- The more we become educated the mire we become develop. It’s helps us to develop our country and economy. Then we can be the best. It can make us to make better technology.

    Educate others:- Education give us the right to educate others. So if we can spread education to everyone , we can make all developed and successful.

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