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  • Ishita

    May 20, 2021 at 2:04 pm
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    The conjunction is the most important part of English grammar. It’s the most essential part of the
    eight parts of speech. So we can’t learn grammar without conjunction. We all at the inception
    of English grammar learning there are parts of speech and conjunction is a part of it. So let’s
    learn about conjunction.

    Definition:- The conjunction is a part of speech which is a word helps to joining words, sentence and
    phrases. Moreover, it’s used to connect sentence to other sentences, words to other words, and phrases to other phrases.

    And, as, but, yet, or, though, both, either, etc.

    I won’t eat chicken and fish.

    I am very efficient but now I’m too tired to work.

    You can go first as you are the oldest.

    Rima likes to wear black or red dress.

    I want both Ice cream and pizza.

    Types of conjunction:-

    There are three types of conjunction. It will help you to identify the conjunction in the
    sentence. Let’s learn them.
    The name of them are

    1) Coordinating conjunction

    2) Subordinating conjunction

    3) Correlative conjunction

    1) Coordinating conjunction:- coordinating conjunction is a conjunction that helps
    connect or join two phrases, words or sentence which are equally important.

    Example:- And, but, nor, or, so, yet, etc.

    You can eat the rice with a spoon or hand.

    Jenny refuses to eat spaghetti nor a bite of pizza.

    She is kind but so arrogant.

    I love raining so I will go outside.

    We will reconsider your approach for her shake.

    2) Subordinating conjunction:- subordinating conjunction is a conjunction that is used
    to connect the sentence, words, phrases of different value.
    Example:- After, although, as, if, how, When, till, where, since, etc.

    We can’t come to your birthday because we are out of town.

    Rita will come after Diya’s leave.

    I decided to go though I’m tired.

    If she didn’t inform me I wouldn’t know.

    You can go in my place as my leg is badly injured.

    3) Correlative conjunction:- Correlative conjunction is a conjunction that is used to join
    phrases, words, and sentences by using either-or, neither-nor, both, but -also, etc.

    Example:- either-or, but-also, wether-or, neither-or, etc.

    Riya can both sing and dance.

    will wear either jeans or Palazzo.

    Vincent is not only a shooter but also a dancer.

    He is driving as fastest as he can.

    She was so bad at dancing that the grudges rejected her.

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