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Activity Discussion General Discussion How do internet influence students? Reply To: How do internet influence students?

  • Tejasri

    May 20, 2021 at 4:38 pm
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    Internet is a great thing which helps the students to achieve high. But, the students are using in our negative manner. The students are not using the Internet for study purposes rather they are using the Internet to browse about the movies, games and wasting the time by surfing social media. It is very important to know the need of the situation and behave accordingly. It is the most common problem seen in all the teenagers.

    Let us know look into some of the things that the students shouldn’t do with Internet.


    Gaming has become one of the greatest issues in the recent times. Many of the students are distracted by the games and they’re playing the games like pub G come on free fire extra for hours and hours. It is such a bad habit that an individual must not developed. The students must know whether they’re doing the correct thing or the wrong thing. It is just nothing but wasting the time. A student can learn nothing but wasting the time.

    •Social media:-

    Social media is another most important aspect of the students are misusing their Internet. They’re spending much time on surfing the Internet. It has become a fashion for the student to be active on social media and to show off. It has been a severe situation to each and every student.

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