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  • Aashutosh

    May 20, 2021 at 7:37 pm
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    Archimedes’ principle tells us about the forces applied to an object by fluids surrounding it. The applied force reduces the net weight of the object submerged in any liquid or fluid. This physical law of buoyancy helps us to understand how ships float in water.

    Archimedes’ principle states that: ” The upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether partially or fully submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and acts in an upward direction at the center of mass of the displaced fluid.”

    In simple form, the Archimedes law states that the buoyancy force that acts on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Mathematically written as:

    F= pvg


    F = buoyant force

    p =density the fluid

    V =submerged volume

    g = acceleration due to gravity

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