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Activity Discussion Essay Importance of food and water Reply To: Importance of food and water

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 20, 2021 at 9:37 pm
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    Food and water are essential things to sustain the life of humans. Not only for the humans but for the whole living things in the world. Food water and shelter are three essential things for a living creature. These are manmade things. We can live without shelter for years if the situation was not good. Can live without food for only few weeks. But without water we can’t sustain our life more than two days.

    Water nourishes our body with minerals and vitamins. That is the basic thing that get nature. The natural water have a very cold and mild taste. We can refresh using the fresh water when we are tired. Unfortunately the amount of fresh water that exists in the world is very less. We heard that if the third world war happens it is for water. Nile river and Amazon forest are the sources for fresh water in the world. For the proper functioning of our body we need the good use of drinking water. The medical science says that per day six liter water is essential for the body functioning.

    Food is the other important thing in our life. Most of us saves money to have food for the next day. Many of the people are interested to have tastier food than the healthy foods. In generally healthy foods doesn’t have much taste. Adding chemicals to food for the taste it destroys the contents of food and also destroys our health too. As a result of our hurry burry life we use preservatives for the better life of foods. These results to have more disease. A healthy food includes vegetables, leaves, fruits, pulses, oils increase our body efficiency. A proper food habits helps to nourish our health and give more efficient in work.

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