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Activity Discussion Environment Reuse the water Reply To: Reuse the water

  • Kumari

    May 20, 2021 at 11:41 pm
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    Water is one of the most important resource we have on our planet. All living beings such as animals, plants and human need water for the proper functioning on there systems. Water has various importance in everyone’s lives.
    Even though we have a lot of river and oceans but the water they have is very salty and cannot be consumed directly. That means only some amount of water is appropriate for intake. We should use the water effectively and make sure it is not wasted. We can reuse water in many ways possible. Some of them are:-
    • If you have a pet make him bath in the lawn so that the water is not wasted and the grasses are being watered from the same.
    • Try taking shower in place of bathing as it requires lesser amount of water.
    • Do rainwater harvesting where the water collected during raining is used for different day to day work.
    • Take the amount of water that is needed in the glass for drinking if water is still left,put it in the plants.
    • Drink water and put the left water in the glass in the plants.
    • Store water and then use it for cleaning utensils clothes and other stuffs.
    • Put the leftover ice which have been freezed long time before on the lawns as the melted ice will become water and will help in the growth of grasses of the lawn
    • Turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth.
    • Water the lawn in the evening so the plants can take in the water before it gets absorbed by the sun.
    • Collect the overflowing water in the tub so that it can be later used in washing clothes utensils or watering plants.
    • Make sure to repair all the leaking taps and showers of the home.

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