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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are the five senses of the human body? Reply To: What are the five senses of the human body?


    May 21, 2021 at 12:32 am
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    The human body has five senses:

    See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Touch

    And there are 5 sense organs that are making it possible

    Sense organs are the essential/vital organs of the body that connects the outer world to the human body. The take responses from the surrounding around us and makes us take conscious decisions about it on how to interact with it.

    Thus their importance is more than most of the other organs.

    The Five Sense Organs are:

    Eyes, Nose, Ear, Tounge, Skin.

    Eyes: –See

    Eyes are located at the upper part of the face. These are necessary for perceiving visual responses from the surrounding i.e. it simply enables us to see. The color of the eye might be black, brown, blue, gray, or even green.

    When light falls on an object, the eyes adjust the muscles within. It adjusts its focus and a signal is sends to the brain. The brain identifies the image and gives the body the sense to recognize what we are seeing.

    The cells of the eye that are responsible for this translation are known as the photoreceptors. The nerve that connects the brain and eye is known as the optical nerve.

    Ears:- Hear

    Ears are located at the extreme ends of the face on both sides. They come as a pair. These are necessary for perceiving auditory responses from the surrounding i.e. it simply enables us to hear.

    The system comprises the eardrum, malleus, incus, stapes, and many other nerves. When a sound is carried through these layers a signal is sent to the brain, where the brain identifies the sound which is being reflected. The eighth cranial nerve carries the signal from the cholchea to the brain

    Nose:- Smell

    At the center of the face, the nose is located. This is necessary for perceiving olfactory responses from the surroundings i.e. it simply enables us to smell.

    The Nose enables us to breathe in and breath out. Inside, there are thousands of olfactory receptors that are detecting the smell and sending their signals to the brain. It is transported to the olfactory nerve fiber, then to the olfactory bulb, and ultimately, to the brain.

    Tongue: Taste

    Exactly below the nose, lies the mouth. Inside the mouth, the tongue is found. This is necessary for perceiving taste responses from the surrounding i.e. it simply enables us to taste any item.

    The Tongue has different taste buds that are responsible for detecting the taste of different items. The front is for salty and sweet, the back is for bitter, and the sides for sour. This strong set of buds gives us an efficient taste detecting system.

    Skin : Touch

    Lastly, we have the skin which is the layer that is covering all our body parts. In fact, it is the largest organ. The skin gives us the feeling of touch. That touch when applied in different manners is interpreted differently. It might be pain, pressure, temperature, etc.

    The connection of brain and skin is made through spinal code collects the impulses from the skin receptors.

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