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Activity Discussion Essay What is favourite memory as a kid? Reply To: What is favourite memory as a kid?

  • tanya

    May 21, 2021 at 2:20 am
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    Okay, so while I was in school, something happened that I cherish even today. It wasn’t a very big thing but it has acquired a very important place in my heart as that day was the one when I had made my parents proud for the first time, I guess. The story that I am about to write is about 12 years old. When I was promoted to the 8th standard, we had a Maths teacher who was considered very strict in the whole school. We used to have weekly tests every Tuesday. So, as I was promoted in the 8th class, we had a weekly test of Maths subject, and as everyone knows how scary that subject is, even I was very tensed as in the first very test of the class, I didn’t want to have a bad impression on my teacher. I had studied very hard for that very test. The only competition I felt was from my best friend who was very intelligent in that very subject. Her father was a Maths teacher so maybe that’s why she had got that interest in the subject. So, we had our exam on Tuesday, and on the upcoming Saturday, we had our Parents Teachers Meeting. And my parents obviously like every other Indian parent wanted to meet all the faculties and ask them how I was doing in the class. I was so tensed that if they go to the Maths teacher, what would happen if she tells my marks to them and what if I had scored less in that exam. I was too scared; I can still feel what I was going through that day. And then, after meeting all the other teachers, now my parents were heading towards my Maths teacher and I was facing such difficulty in lifting my legs for walking because of the anxiousness.

    My mother was constantly asking me if I had already received my marks for that test but since Mam had not revealed the marks in the class, so that made me more curious than she would directly be telling the marks in front of my parents and also, some other parents would be there and that I would get insulted if I had scored fewer marks. I had become so worried just because of the marks that I would be getting in that very exam. So, as we had reached her room, we had to wait for around 10 minutes before my turn, and that teacher didn’t know every student very nicely as she had taught in our class just for a week. I got somewhat happy that maybe she won’t even know me and that she would just say that I was doing okay and all of that stuff. But instead, when we sat in front of her, the first thing that she asked was my name. And as I told her my name, she got startled, I could tell that by looking at her facial expressions because maybe she was trying to recall something with my name which made me more tensed. The next question was from my mother to that teacher about the marks if she could tell how much I scored. We had our weekly tests for 20 marks. So, at that very time, she very excitedly said “Oh, Tanya. In this class, I can only remember her name because she has scored full in her Maths test.” She said since it has just been a week that she had started teaching in her class, and she could not remember any other name than mine. And I got so happy. Some tears of happiness also fell down my cheek. And I looked at my parents after that and they got so happy after listening to her statement, I could easily see that proud feeling on my mothers’ face. And that was probably the best and happiest day of my life! And, my friend who was so intelligent in the subject had got 19 on 20, she got so jealous of me and the next day when mam had returned our test copies, she tried to look into my copy and tried everything she could so that she could report some wrong checking or wrong totaling in my copy. But unfortunately, she could not do so. After that day, while everyone was scared of that teacher, I got so frank with her and I could talk about every other thing with her. And to date, this is the best memory of mine!

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