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Activity Discussion Essay What is favourite memory as a kid? Reply To: What is favourite memory as a kid?

  • Soniya

    May 21, 2021 at 2:23 am
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    We all have something or the other to cherish life long in the form of memories. These memory are very special to us and nothing can compare with the smile that we have on our face while we think of those moments. These memory keep us strong while we lose our faith and hope. They are our treasure of of happiness and strength always helping us when we need them.

    Today I will share my one such memory that never fails to bring a smile on my face along with Tears in my eyes. I was the only girl child in my house among all my cousin brothers. Not to mention the special attention I used to get from everyone. Be it brothers uncle or grandfather. They all used to love me unconditionally.

    One day in the school I saw one of my friends bringing some fancy chocolate. I soon got tempted and wanted to get the same. After I returned home I asked my grandfather if he would accompany me to the market to buy that chocolate. He agreed happily and started to get ready.

    As soon as we reached the market I realised that I don’t even know the name of the chocolates. I told my grandfather that I could not remember the name of the chocolates but I can describe them to the shopkeeper. I will never forget what happened afterwards. My grandfather visited tens of shops just for me, so that i can buy those chocolates. I felt bad and asked him to return but he was adamant. He only returned home after buying me those chocolates. I was very small at that time but this memory of my grandfather is still alive in my heart even after 14 years of his death. After our loved one leave us their memories are our only way of remembering them and keeping them alive in our hearts.

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