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  • Soniya

    May 21, 2021 at 2:47 am
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    Weight loss is one of the biggest problems that people face these days. Losing stubborn weight can be a hard task but here are some tips to effectively lose weight without cutting on your favorite foods and burning a hole in your pockets.

    1.try do drink 2-3 litres of water in a day.

    2. Do home workouts

    3.Don’t take a nap directly after the meal.

    4.Try to use a step tracker while walking to count your daily steps.

    5.practice yoga

    6.dont follow crash diets as they may have negative impact on health.

    7. do hiit workouts.

    8.take a balanced diet.

    9.try to control on binging.

    10. While working from home, make sure that you keep an active lifestyle.

    11. Inhale some fresh air.

    12. Consume homemade body detoxification drinks.

    13. Don’t take any supplement or medication to loose weight.

    14. Being consistent in efforts is very important to lose weight.

    15. Never compromise on your health just to loose weight and always love your body and take care of your mental health.

    While trying to loose weight one should generally avoid foof items which contain:


    Too much salt

    Spicy and oily food

    Bread and processed floor

    Junk food

    Soft drinks


    Always avoid large meals and try to opt for small but frequent meals. This will end your junk food cravings.

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