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Activity Discussion Essay Online classes or offline classes which one is better and why? Reply To: Online classes or offline classes which one is better and why?

  • Shweta

    May 21, 2021 at 10:02 am
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    There exist a huge difference between online classes and offline classes. Therefore, online classes has been known from the starting period of the pandemic covid-19. The communicable disease due to which every schools and institutions is closed till date. So in order to continue with the studies, online classes has started.

    According to me, offline classes are much more better than the online one. Online classes are done by sitting in a home, carrying a phone and internet connection which leads to so much of distractions

    The distractions occurred while attending online classes are:

    1) Interference of family members:

    The student cannot get a study environment between family members, sitting at home. Henceforth, they get distracted by their siblings and cannot pay attention.

    2) Other social media apps

    When the internet connection is on, other notifications come as well between the online class which distracts the student and they open other applications and their mind gets diverted to that which is not good for their results.

    3) The weak students

    In the online classes, teachers cannot focus on one and all. So the weak students, who cannot speak or hesitate to clear their doubts remain quiet and it effects their result.

    Online classes will only help that students who are willing to study actually because the students whose mind gets diverted cannot cope up with online classes.

    Whereas, offline classes are the best because in the schools and institute, the students get proper study environment and teachers are able to help the students in more efficient manner. No distractions,no internet connection for some period of time helps the students to get their mind more sharp and better.

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