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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Usage of technology. Reply To: Usage of technology.

  • Sakchi

    May 21, 2021 at 11:34 am
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    With the advancement in technology and science our country India is going to the state of being developed. In India from 19th to 21st century there is huge advancement in technology. Earlier man power is more required to do any work. If we put light on ancient times than people had to do lots of work to run their livelihood . Life was not easy . For drinking water females from the village move to another village to get water. This is really a big deal. They cut the dried branches and prepare food with the help of it. If they want to communicate with their family , they need to post letter wait for number of days to get the replies.

    But technology made every thing very easy:-

    We can communicate with anyone at anytime with the help of internet. Now people can study ,work by sitting in their home.

    We can easily get water now a days. Even purifiers are available to clean up the polluted water..

    Now we can transfer money , information about anything digitally. There is no requirement of visiting banks ..

    If anyone is in trouble now he can easily contact police, or their family during these situations.

    We can talk via chat mode also.

    Various electronic gadgets are available in the market like washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner , microwave to make our life easier and comfortable.

    Also , now travelling becomes so comfortable and time saving , you can cover any distance very comfortably..

    These are the benefits of digital india, we can search , browse about any thing digitally.

    Various online application are available to make our life easier.

    As we know every coin has its two sides. So we must not misuse this digital platform..

    Thank you!!

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