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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Usage of technology. Reply To: Usage of technology.

  • Anushree

    May 21, 2021 at 11:53 am
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    In today’s high-tech world, we people are disabled without Technology. From the very starting of the day till the end at every step we use some or the other technology to make our chores easier. Technology is advancing every single day are doing wonders presently the world is working upon Super computers which if get successful will be the greatest technology of all.

    This current pandemic situation has even enhanced the usage and importance of technology because now from education to professional job or personal business everything is transferred to the online portal which is again one of the most famous and useful technology. Today sustaining life is almost impossible without internet.

    In the mechanical fields if we choose one section suppose vehicle there also, we can visualize the emergence of technology with the ever-increasing features. We can also see the emergence of self-driven cars with the help of artificial technology as well as cars which run with electricity and can be recharged whenever needed.

    Technology is also doing wonders in the medical field producing machines to detect diseases and conduct various types of tests in short span of time with ease.

    Technology is no doubt a boon to the human race and we must use it wisely for the benefit of the mankind.

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