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Activity Discussion Environment Reuse the water Reply To: Reuse the water

  • Sakchi

    May 21, 2021 at 11:59 am
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    Water is most important resource of our earth . Though more than half of the parts of earth are covered with water but it is unfit for drinking . Most of the water is sea water or you can say salty water that is unfit for drinking. We need to save water . These are the ways by which we can save water:-

    1. Donot try to waste water. Take only that amount of water that much you can drink donot throw water .

    2. Shut off the taps when they are not in use especially while washing face, brushing , hand washing etc.

    3. Take shower instead of bucket bath this will save water .

    4. Switch over to traditional methods of water harvesting. Store rain water in tankers or containers and later use it for planting or washing cars etc..

    5. After mopping use that water in planting. Donot throw it .

    6. Create awareness about misuse of water in your locality.

    7. Check the leakage and repair it as soon as possible.

    8. After washing fruits and vegetables use that water for plantation or for washing cars etc.

    9. Improve your drainage system too.

    10. Donot release industrial waste in river water this will decrease the quality of river and also effect the aquatic life too.

    11. Donot wash your clothes or bath in the river water. This will make river water polluting..

    12. Donot throw plastic bags in the water .

    These are the some basic steps for saving water. Water is our life our need . Save water! Save life!

    Thank you!!

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