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Activity Discussion Essay Speaking skills Reply To: Speaking skills

  • Anushree

    May 21, 2021 at 12:13 pm
    Not Helpful

    We all are aware about the hard skills and the technical skills which are important to get established in the professional world out there but one thing which we often miss and which is of equal importance as the hard skills and technical skills is the Soft skills. The soft skills mainly constitute of the Listening and the Speaking skills.

    Most of us with time and practice do develop speaking skills but the tougher one is the listening skill set it requires good grasping power as well as a lot of patience. Developing speaking skills also includes a lot of exercise such as reading books, growing skills to speak spontaneously and fluently.

    Growing soft skills such as speaking and listening has a lot of advantages:

    1. It marks one special in professional field.

    2. One with good soft skills tend to have a better communication skill and thus can manage clients well.

    3. Listening and speaking skills also helps in avoiding miss understandings.

    4. This also boosts confidence in one and add a better impression.

    5. A good public speaker can listener can find out problems easily and work on them better as compared to others.

    6. Good speaking and listening skills also help in building strong public relation.

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