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  • Ishita

    May 21, 2021 at 1:37 pm
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    Homophones and Homonyms are a very important of our grammar and vocabulary. Specifically in case of vocabulary those are extremely important. Homophones is basically a bunch of words that are sound the same but have different meaning or different,”Deer” and “Dear”,both this words are sound the same but have different spelling and meaning.on the other hand Homonyms is a kind of words which are spell the same and sounds same but have different meaning. Like “Bat”, Bat means two kinds of things first it means a animal Bat, on the other hand it means a stuff of playing like Bat, it both Bat have same spelling and sound but have different meaning. Now that we learn the definition, so let’s lean the difference. It’s it helps us to identify the both and will improve our vocabulary.

    The difference between Homophones and Homonyms:-

    1) Homophones is a group of words which sound the same but have different spelling and meaning. But Homonyms have different meaning but sound and spell the same.

    2) Homophones contains two different kinds of words. On the other hand Homonyms have identical words.

    3) Homophones are easy to identify as they are not identical. But Homonyms can’t easily identical as it looks same.

    4) Homophones have different spelling,like “write” and “right “.But Homonyms have same spelling, like” ring” and “ring”, one ring is a jewelry and other mean circle.

    5) Homophones is a type of Homonym, but Homonyms is not a part of homophones.

    Homophones example:-

    1) I want to buy a book.

    After leaving I wish him good bye.

    2) Roti is made by flour.

    Lilly is a very beautiful flower.

    3) I saw a big red ant today.

    Mita is my favorite aunt.

    Homonyms example:-

    1) Max love to watch TV.

    Lisa bought a expensive watch today.

    2) I have 20 inch ruler.

    Akbar is a grand ruler.

    3) The fly is making too much noise.

    Let’s fly kites today.

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