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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on the first day of your school Reply To: Write an essay on the first day of your school

  • Tejasri

    May 21, 2021 at 5:17 pm
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    The first day of the school is the most precious day in everyone’s life. Basically, no one remembers what they have gone through on the first day of their schooling. But, the first day is a memorable thing in everyone’s life. It is the beginning and the first step for a successful life. The first step of joining a school one can achieve so high.

    Those were the days when gaming is better than watching mobile phones or laptops.When talking to friends are more important than putting the eagle up. Funny fines for morning boarding them days and days without talking to each other. Craving for a piece of chocolate is more important than buying a new one.

    Basically, each and every student portal get frighten On entering into the first day of school. But later on, with all the funny fights, silly friends, Homeworks and all punishments.

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