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Activity Discussion General Discussion State the importance of social media in our life. Reply To: State the importance of social media in our life.

  • Kumari

    May 21, 2021 at 5:52 pm
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    Social media is an umbrella term. It has a lot of subtopics basically the different ways in which it has become helpful to us. From the traditionl use to connect to people around the world which it was actually started for to it’s advanced uses which are been in our day to day life like marketing, businesss etc. Social media is both a boon and bane for us depending on our uses. Small business owners who cannot have adequate money to invest on renting a shop can make a social media page and advertise from there only. There are a lot of social media pages for the students preparing for their competitive exam like the UPSC, BPSC, SSC banking etc. The housewives who are really good at cooking are able to share their skills and are taking orders by making their social media handles. There are a lot of people, the social media influencers are earnings lakh and crores through sharing their skills on social media. Through social media a person is capable of standing alone in the crowed and speaking without coordinating with any of the media houses. Like for eg- There’s a disaster due to the carelesness of the ministers, any news channel will not speak against the minister as there job will be in the danger but an individual person can take a stand and make a vedio regarding and share it on the social media to let people know the truth no one will be able to harm the person as we live in a democratic country and everyone has the right to express there thoughts. But everything has 2 sides depending on our usage. Teenagers and children come in the influence of the others and get all of there information to an unknown person which can cause a very big problem. Parents should teach there children what are the good and bad aspects of the social media and how it should be used to take it’s full positive advantage.

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