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Activity Discussion General Discussion Silky hair Reply To: Silky hair

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 21, 2021 at 9:08 pm
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    Beautiful hair is most attractive for young people. Both men and women are conscious about their beauty including the hair treatment. Women thought that every men love the girls with long and silky smooth hair. This thought occurs by the reason of some hair care oils and shampoo advertisement. The actress in the hair care advertisement have smooth long beautiful hair. The viewers thought that it was real but the fact that they have good hair practitioners to set their hair using costly hair serums and other instruments.

    But having smooth and silky hair at home is the best hair care. Our grand parents knew some natural tricks. Sometimes they don’t know its scientific facts or that remedies may not be come from any research. But it have real result than other researched things.

    For good hair the natural, organic and home remedies include:

    •Wash the hair with pure water. Clorophorm content of water destroy the health of hair and increase the amount of hair loss

    •Have oil treatment thrice in a week. Coconut oil is best for hair care. It smoothens the hair and avoid dandruff. Oil treatment helps to increase the black colour of hair.

    •Don’t rubb the hair with hard towels. This makes loss the weight of hair.

    • Massage the scalp before the hair wash.

    •Band the hair while sleeping and traveling.

    • Have proper habit of drinking water.

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