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Activity Discussion General Discussion Bathing Reply To: Bathing

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 21, 2021 at 9:25 pm
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    Have a good bath every day is a good habit. We need a good physical health. Every day we are going out and met people from different parts of the society. We don’t know how they are maintain their hygiene. Some have hygienic nature and some don’t have it. But we are responsible for our hygiene. So that we can bath daily. If it is twice in a day it is more good. Because morning bath helps us to active our body efficiency after the sleep and the morning excercise. And it also helps to have a positive attitude while sitting in a office. The evening bath after the office helps us to relax well and to destroy all germs that we collected from the outside of our house. After a good bath in cold water helps to be more relaxed. Through it we get a good sleep.

    There is not any time duration for a bath. It is based on our time. But have a long bath is good in evening time. Because at that time our body consists of many derts and germs. Most of the people take a bath with more than ten minutes. At that time they involuntarily get relaxed from their problems. Have a good bath, have a good day through it and have a good health.

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