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Activity Discussion General Discussion State the importance of exercise. Reply To: State the importance of exercise.

  • Kumari

    May 21, 2021 at 11:42 pm
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    Exercising is very important for part for fit and healthy body and concentrated mind. For a body to develop accordingly it is very important for the person to keep exercising. Do not push your body but try to become as much flexible as it can be. Breathing exercises plays a very vital role in increasing the capacity of the lungs to exhale oxygen. Taking healthy diet with excerciseing has numerous advantages.
    • It helps to increase the flexibility of the body.
    • Helps to fight disease that comes with fatty body like blood pressure, sugar diabetes, heart attack etc.
    • Helps in respiration related diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis etc
    • Helps in harmonal related problems such as pcod, pcos.
    • Helps to keep mind concentrated, fresh, relaxed and stress free.
    • Helps to maintain body weight and health.
    • Helps to make bones, muscles and joints strong and decreases the chance of osteoporosis (condition in which bones become weak)
    • Excercise helps to block negative thoughts from the mind and distract the mind from stress.
    But taking appropriate diet is equally important as exercising. Take food items with gives you energy like banana black coffee etc for instant energy. Try to excercise twice a day. Don’t put stress on your body slowly it will become more flexible. Excerciseing also helps in increasing your confidence and in enhancing personality.
    Start slow. It is better to do some excercise than doing nothing. There are issues that you will feel initially like pain in the chest, diziness ,swelling in the leg, pain in the body. As the time will paas these things will go side and by being regular the body won’t feel these symptoms again. Breathing excercises are equally important as the physical exercises and it should not be ignored at all.

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