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    May 22, 2021 at 12:29 am
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    A numeral system.

    It is a way or method for presenting numbers

    It is like having a systematic way to represent numbers and digits and giving them meaning.

    A number system might have a different meaning than other number systems. For example, 11 means eleven in a decimal number system and three in a binary number system

    The digits represent the numerical value.

    They have a unique representation that in some way or other represents the arithmetic structures or simply the whole value of the number itself.

    Numeral systems are the same as number systems.

    The number system which India deals with is the Hindu–Arabic numeral system

    Aryabhatta is the father of this Numerical system.

    He was born in 470CE. He was known to be a believer in both the Hindu and Buddhist religions.

    His personality was unique. He was a great mathematician. Probably the best of his times.

    His contributions:

    1. He solved the DIOPHANTINE EQUATIONS.

    2. He provided the right calculations for calculating areas of circles and triangles.

    3. He made trigonometry easier

    4. He gave zero to the number system.

    5. He calculated the correct value of pi to 5 decimal places.

    6. HE proved that the MOON AND PLANETS shine due to reflected sunlight.

    7. He has written ARYA-SIDDHANTA and

    8. He gave much more ideas to Europeans regarding mathematics and astronomy.

    9. You also gave a rational explanation about the solar and lunar eclipse.

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