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Activity Discussion History Who was Alexander the great? Reply To: Who was Alexander the great?


    May 22, 2021 at 2:10 am
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    The successor Lysimachus was Alexander the Great. —an interesting coin was issued. In the Kingdom of Thrace, he was believed to be born 361 BCE. The presence of his reign is detected by some coins that are found later and belong to that era.

    The old narratives depict Alexander’s life and reign. They are written around 30 BCE. Greek historian Diodorus was known to be the one who has written about this. There are some other histories too who have written other historians’ thesis. They are known as the Alexander historians. There are thesis and work have facts on how he fought, how was his reign, and who were his supporters.

    However, he might be. His death is still an unsolved mystery to us. Some believe that he died due to natural causes or he was weakened by some incurable fever. There are some who believe that his marshals assas­sinated him.

    The death of Alexander the Great cannot be estimated through mere assumptions. However, interactions with others might bring us to certain conclusions.

    There were some historical diaries that have records of what Alexander did and what was he interested in. The diary entries show that Alexander visited many places as feasts on the same day when he fell ill. The illness later took his life.

    There twist in this whole scene was that Alexander’s friend/companion Medius was present in all those parties and events of that evening. He was a well-trusted man and one of the closest friends of Alexander.

    Thus from here, many believed that his best man killed him.

    The dairy also says that when Alexander fell ill. Medius was right there in front of him. It is also believed that it was Medius who convinced Alexander not to leave the parties even after feeling unwell.

    This all leads to one conclusion. Medius killed Alexander the great. However, there is no right proof. Hence, he cannot be declared guilty.

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