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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are the different categories of electromagnetic waves? Reply To: What are the different categories of electromagnetic waves?

  • Aparajita

    May 22, 2021 at 10:36 am
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    Electromagnetic Waves: A gist

    These are commonly known as EM waves. These are waves that formed due to oscillating electric and magnetic fields. In other words, the electromagnetic radiations is composed of these electromagnetic waves that are formed when the electric field comes in contact with the magnetic field.

    Electromagnetic Waves: Properties

    1. The velocity of these waves depends upon the medium in which the waves flow.

    2. Time period and wavelength are parts which depend upon the source from where the waves come.

    3. Electromagnetic waves are depicted via sinusoidal graphs.

    Electromagnetic Waves: Types

    Following are certain types of electromagnetic waves:

    a) Microwaves

    b) Radio Waves

    c) UV rays

    d) Infrared Radiation

    e) X rays

    f) Gamma rays

    And many more.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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