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  • Shweta

    May 22, 2021 at 11:51 am
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    Mobile phones has been playing a vital role in a person’s life since a long time. Hereafter, mobile phones in earlier days, were just used for calling and texting which was everyone’s need. As at that time, phones were not so advanced. Compared to now, mobile phones has been turned into smartphones. The reason is because the phones have got much smarter. The work of phones as well has increased from time to time.

    Earlier, the work of phone was limited till texting and calling, but now apart from texting and calling, video call, conference calls, chatting on social media etc has been made very easy.

    The internet connection in the mobile phones can help you out anywhere and anytime to clear out your confusions regarding any doubt. For example you can take the road in which you are lost, this can be helped out by google map on your phone and you can reach your destination. You can find out new destination places to visit, the restaurant to eat and every satisfaction you can find.

    Henceforth, these are the advantages which you can use and make your life much easier. But we also know that anything used out of limitation can cause a problem as well.

    The disadvantages of mobile phones can be that if you use excess, you can face problem in your eyesight. Secondly, the usage of social media in today’s time has been in so much trend that children are addicted to that. So, using of social media apps too much can make you distract with your studies and other activities. Here, we need to understand that mobile phones should be used in need and in a limited manner. Anything which ruins your time and study will make you a failure.

    Use your social media apps in a limitation and in a way just to entertain yourself for a period of time and to freshen your mind. Never make this your addiction because it cannot be proved good for your future in any way.

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