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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are differences between Animal cells and plants cells. Reply To: What are differences between Animal cells and plants cells.

  • Ishita

    May 22, 2021 at 1:10 pm
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    Animals and plants are both a living things. They both can breath, sense and feed. But there are so many difference between them like animals can move but plant can’t, many animals can talk but plat can’t, moreover that they have a very different kinds of cells, so let’s find out what are the differences of animal cells and plants cells.

    Difference between animals and plants cell:-

    There are some common structures between animals and plants like-cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, and vacuole.

    But so many difference can be seen between them like-

    Animals cells don’t have walls but plants cells have. It gives support and shape to the plants.

    Plants cells contain chloroplasts but animal cells don’t. Plants are able to photosynthesis by the help of chloroplasts.

    Animal cells have smaller vacuoles but plant cells have one or more than one large vacuoles.

    Plant cells have Nucleus, that lies on side of it , and the presence of animal cells can be seen on the center of a cell.

    The presence of lysosomes is very rare on plant cells but it is usually present on the animal cells.

    Centrosomes are not present on the plant cells but it can be observed on the animal cells.

    The mode of nutrition of the plant cells is autotrophic but in animal cells, it is Heterotrophic.

    Mitochondria present in a least number in the plant cells but it present largely in the animal cells.

    Cilia is present in most of the animal cells but it’s absent in the plant cells.

    Plastids are absent on the animal cells but it is seen in the plant cells.

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