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  • Anushree

    May 22, 2021 at 3:47 pm
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    Plants are trees are the most essentials to sustain life on Earth. Plants and tress provide all the living creatures with food and oxygen without the availability of these two lives would be impossible. Plants also help in the process of rain and thus keeps the water cycle in order. We often hear two most commonly used terms associated with plants and trees that is firstly Deforestation and secondly afforestation. Deforestation is the practice of cutting down of trees for human need whereas on the other hand afforestation is the practice of planting a greater number of trees to benefit the living creatures.

    Difference between afforestation and deforestation:

    1. Trees bind the roots of the soil and thus help in avoiding soil erosion, deforestation leaves the soil unbound and thus gets eroded easily on the other hand afforestation binds the soils and preserves the fertile top layer.

    2. Tress provide us with oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide, with a smaller number of trees around carbon dioxide emitted by us is not being absorbed at a greater rate and as a result global warming is increasing on the other hand afforestation ensures more production of oxygen and food materials.

    3. With forests being cleared many wild animals are losing home and thus are exposed out as a result of which many of them even die, this is destroying the balance between the flora and fauna and is creating a great ecological imbalance on the other hand afforestation help in keeping a healthy greener environment.

    4. Trees play an important role in rain with a smaller number of tress even the rain cycle due to deforestation it is getting disturbed which is causing water scarcity and many other problems on the other hand more trees ensures that the water cycle is alright and there is more rain.

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