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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is junk food harmful? Reply To: Why is junk food harmful?

  • Tejasri

    May 22, 2021 at 5:29 pm
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    Most of the times we hear the sentence that is the junk food is bad for health. We see that the junk food is bad but no one says that why is it bad.

    Consuming junk food is a very bad habit which an individual must not develop. This is because the junk foods are stored with chemicals in it for preventing spoilage. Many harmful chemicals are used to pack them. Junk foods like chips extra are rich in carbohydrates which is bad when consumed in higher levels.

    Many of the teenagers even though educated, they’re not understanding what is right and what is wrong. It is very bad to consume higher amounts of junk food which may lead to several health issues. Some of the health issues are not cure for over lifetime.

    There are many of awareness programs which are trying to convey the message that the eating junk food is a bad issue to our health. It is very important to put in practice of not eating the junk food. Once we are prone to diseases it is very hard to get over them and it is very hard to fulfill our dreams. Once we are prone to the deadly diseases, our capital will be lost and our families are depressed. There is a use destruction of the capital and our parents develop more diseases than us because of thinking about us.

    The habit of eating the junk food must be kept aside from the childhood. This is because, if you’re habituated to the good lifestyle from the childhood the future will be good and it is very difficult at a certain time to stop eating the junk food once we’re addicted to it. So, it is very important to avoid the junk food even though you’re addicted to it.

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