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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 22, 2021 at 5:52 pm
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    Noise pollution is a kind of environmental pollutions. This is also called sound pollution. We can hear many kinds of sound in our surroundings. Most of them are not make any pollution. Because they are in natural sound that a man or animal can afford. But there are other kinds of sound that we can’t afford. It causes have ear pain and head aches. We we going out in a public vehicle and in a traffic jam we can hear many roaring of people, horn of buses, cars,bikes etc. At that time we felt angry to the one who was the reason for the traffic. Do you think is that his problem? Mostly no. Because we are using a mechine it sometimes have problems. That problem was not made by his willing. Then for what reason the others make noise? Because they don’t have time to wait for a few seconds or minutes. For that hurry they make noise. These noise makes some health issues too.

    In metropolitan cities and towns the transportation is by using trains. Near the railway track there are many houses, schools, offices, hospitals etc. At the first time they can’t afford it later they are used to it. And there are many industries too make many pollutions including the noise. There musics from religious, party etc have using high volume to have more public attention. We can see in the election time that there are different election parties make public meeting and rallies by using musics and sound system. If two or three rallies met in a junction both are try to increase their sound to compete with the other. But they compete with the health and mental health of the listeners. If the sound increase more than a limitation it causes cardiac arrest for the cardiac patients. Not only for the patients but also for all. Because the heart wall was made by smooth muscle. And over sound cause the ear problem, hypertension and stress. For animals they will be run riots.

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