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  • Manpreet

    May 22, 2021 at 9:10 pm
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    Mosquitoes belong to the class Insecta of the Phylum Arthropoda of the Animal Kingdom. These are small organisms with wings and legs that suck blood through their piercing and sucking type mouth parts.

    They can be categorized into different types – Aedes, Anopheles and Culex


    These spread diseases like Chikunguniya, Dengue and yellow fever. These breed on artificially stored water. They can be easily identified with white patches or dots in their body.


    The female Anopheles is the vector for malaria. It can be identified by its sitting posture as it forms an angle with the surface on which it is resting. It breeds on clean water.


    These are vectors for the disease Filariasis. These breed on dirty water and can be identified as they sit horizontal with the ground, i.e., without making an angle and these lack spots on their bodies.

    Mosquitoes follow a life cycle that includes –

    Egg, larva, pupa and adult stages

    The eggs are laid on stagnant water and it develops into the larva. The larvae develop into the Pupa that swims on the surface of the water. They start developing wings and mature into an adult. A mosquito cannot survive without water during its larval or pupal stage. Thus to avoid mosquitoes and their terrible diseases check for stagnant water. Use insecticides and other chemicals on puddles and ponds near your home or locality.

    • Don’t let the rain water collect and stand anywhere in and around your home.
    • use spray insecticides and pesticides specially designed against these insects.
    • The fish, Gambusia, feeds on mosquito larvae.
    • stagnant water is home to mosquitoes, avoid settling of water anywhere in or outside home
    • keep your surroundings clean, don’t let garbage and waste materials collect around your surroundings

    Mosquitoes are small looking insects but can spread deadly diseases that can be fatal too. Malaria and dengue when not treated rightly can get fatal, chikunguniya causes great joint pains that prevails in the long run too. Thus mosquitoes spread diseases and shouldn’t be allowed to survive through any means.

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