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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Kumari

    May 23, 2021 at 1:19 am
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    Annie frank was born on 12th june in Germany but spent most of her life in Amsterdams Netherlands.She was a famous diary writer, and her diary “THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL”is a part of course book of class 10th cbse and alot of movies and plays are made on the basis of the movie. She died at the age of 15. In the diary Annie explained her experience during Germany’s hegemony over the Netherlands in World war 2. Her book got published after she died and she was able to gain international fame. As she was born in the nation she lost her citizenship in 1941. By may 1940 Franks were trapped in Amsterdam by the Germans. To escape the situation the Franks went behind Otto franks bookshelf in the building but the family got arrested in May 1944 and till then Annie maintained a diary which she got as her birthday gift. After being arrested the officers sent the franks to different concentration camps. Annie and her sister were transferred from one camp to another and they died there. The father Mr Otto frank only survived and he came back to Amsterdam and found that Annies diary was saved by his secretary.He read the book and was shocked to see the most private side of his daughter’s life ,he was astonished how annie has maintain the records of each single day when they were behind the shoecase.He took the responsibility to publish the book and it finally got published in the year 1947. It was first published in Germany and France in 1950 and after being rejected by several publishers was first published in United kingdom in 1952.
    A play which was based on the dairy was also published which was by frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett in New York on 5th October 1955 and won the Pulitzer prize for Drama.

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