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  • Soniya

    May 23, 2021 at 1:25 am
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    Newspapers are a medium of mass communication to the public through which government agencies announce their big policies and recent changes. Also newspaper keep us informed about the current event happening all over the world. The provide you with abundant of knowledge and even opinion and feedback.

    To the editorial column of the newspaper you get to know about the views of the eminent personalities on recent events. You get to know and understand about different perspectives other than yours. Newspaper highlight problems of the poor and there plight so that the public authorities look into the matter and take the required action.

    One cannot imagine the world without the invention of newspapers. Without newspaper we would not be able to learn about so many thing happening worldwide.

    The first newspaper launched in India was the Bengal gazette in the 19th century. It was an English newspaper launched by a British resident of Bengal. Soon many Indian newspapers were also launch by the people of India. During the freedom struggle newspapers were used to motivate people and inform them about the recent happening in the country live Satyagraha, different acts introduced by the British etc. They also inform the people about british atrocity and helped in the culmination of a feeling of patriotism, a feeling of national Pride. People felt more strongly for each other after the understood each others views through the column of newspaper. Before that people were not aware of the perspective of freedom fighter and therefore did not have a feeling of nationalism.

    Newspapers nowadays help us to gain knowledge for various competitive exams and are helpful in grasping current affairs.

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