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Activity Discussion General Discussion Where do phobias come from? Reply To: Where do phobias come from?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 23, 2021 at 7:52 pm
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    Phobias also known as the fear to something are seen in all people. that is natural thing. That may be arouse through involuntarily via when a person have a fear to something in his childhood and later that fear grow up with him. He won’t may be alert about it but in some situation his fear caught up him and come outside. Phobias also comes as a negative experience from something or someone or some situation. Some people see it as an irrational fear. If we not overcome that fear at earlier later it may be causes problems while he is in a public place or a society.

    Phobias are include socio phobia, albutophobia, acrophobia,ailurophobia, cacophobia, bathophobia, claustrophobia, dideskaleinophobia, electrophobia, gynephobia etc.These phobias are some scientific terms for phobias like fear of bath, height, cat, ugliness, depth, closed space school, electricity, women etc. We can see some men won’t like to mingle with women. Because they have gynephobiac. This may be resulted as when they have a negative experience with any women. That memory is hiding in his mind. Later that memory changed to a fear. Sometimes this phobias lead them to a bad psychological conditions. So that it is better to overcome these phobias.

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