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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on the first day of your school Reply To: Write an essay on the first day of your school

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 23, 2021 at 9:33 pm
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    Life is a collection of memorable moments. That memories include our first day in school life. School is the entrance to our life. From school we starts to make foot steps to education, and extra curricular activities. No one could forgot their school life. From there we get many friends, teachers and other staff. Have a good relationship with our friends parents.

    When i think about my first day in school, i can feel the sound of rain and its mild cold in the morning time. Before i went to school my parents brought me bag pencil books lunch box water bottle umbrella and new dress. The morning of that day my mother dressed up me and arranged my school bags. When we reached at the school, there was a small meeting for parents and students. The auditorium filled with new students. After the meeting my parents were gone. I felt sad. One teacher arranged us as a group and went out to a class. That was our first class. My seat was in the second bunch. I got new friends named Jayshree, Rosy, Shalet, Sandra and Riya. We became friends fastly. Some students were crying that time. They want to see their parents. But our class teacher was very friendly. She makes us happy by singing songs, poems and tell many stories. At the lunch break our teacher come to our class and joins to our lunch. At the end of the day all the students and teacher are become more friendly. That was a memorable moment in my life.

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