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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Barriers to communication. Reply To: Barriers to communication.

  • Shweta

    May 24, 2021 at 11:48 am
    Not Helpful

    The problems faced by people during communication is known as barriers to communication. It is not till the network issues which creates problem in communicating each other, but their exists other problem as well which acts as a barrier in our communication.

    Some of the barriers can be:

    1)language barrier: If we talk to any person and we find that the other person’s language is not matching to ours and neither do I know his language nor do he knows our language, which creates problem in communication. Here the language acted as a barrier to communication.

    2)Emotional barrier: Whenever we talk to someone and we intended to say something but the other has taken it in a wrong sense, creates problem between the two. This acted as an emotional barrier between both person as the one said something else and the other understood it in a wrong way.

    3) Network barrier: If we call someone out of india or out of station sometimes, the network issues makes the call or video call disconnected, due to which communication cannot be done properly. Here, network acted as a barrierto communication . Here exists many other barriers which disturbs our communication which is called barriers to communication.

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