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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on the first day of your school Reply To: Write an essay on the first day of your school

  • Sakchi

    May 24, 2021 at 11:53 am
    Not Helpful

    School is something like best thing ever happened to me. School now my dream place . Place where I went with crying and left with crying . I exactly don’t remember what had really happened on my first day of school as I was a small kid only but I had remember some of the intresting events. On first day I met with my class teacher. She was very polite and cheerful . She asked me beta ” how are you ? and I had said yes. She gave me chocolate. The classroom was very nice . Small small baby chair with different colours. Colour ful chalks , really I just loved it. Cartoons painted everywhere in books to attract me.

    First day we are assigned our roll numbers and introduction class was began. We just have to say our name. Ohh !! What a pleasure.

    Getting appreciation, remarks from teachers is a big thing for me. I remember my teacher had asked me about my breakfast . I had given her reply fish rice ….ohh I was so innocent. My mumma had scheduled my bag properly , new lunch box , water bottles and pencil box I just love this feeling. Barbie covers etc.

    I had also made new friends also and share my lunch with them.

    Thank you!!

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