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Activity Discussion Essay essay Reply To: essay

  • Shweta

    May 24, 2021 at 12:32 pm
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    We should accept that some situations are beyond your control. There can be many problems in your life whether it is emotional, financial, health problems etc, one should remain strong in every situations and should never think about any negativity. Because one should know that every problem has solution and every problem comes to an end. No problem, fear, disease lasts long. So till the problem is there in your life, you should be that strong that you can face it. Giving up your life in any critical situation is not the solution. Rather fighting with it will give you solution one day and if you end up your life, people will remember you and your problems for some days and then they will forget

    Accepting reality is about recognizing that what is in your control. When the situation cannot be under control, then you should focus in controlling yourself.

    Paying attention to all these areas will male you feel strong in every situation and you can live your healthy life. We should never forget that problem comes in everyone’s life. Goods and bads are faced by every individual. So, in order to be strong, be positive in every situation.

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